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Squirrel Boy is a original series on Cartoon Network. It ran from 2006 to 2007. The creator of this show is Everett Peck. The show is about a 9 year old boy named Andy and his pet squirrel Rodney. They go around the neighborhood playing games having adventures.

Characters Edit

Rodney: A red squirrel who comes up with a lot of get-rich-quick schemes.

Andy: A 9 year old boy who is Rodney's best friend.

Leon: A blue squirrel who lives in a tree in the Johnson's back yard.

Oscar: A neighborhood boy who is a friend of Andy's. He has over-protective parents that are clean freaks.

Kyle: A bully that picks on Andy and Rodney. Kyle is also their enemy.

Salty Mike: A pet bird who is owned by Kyle. He makes the plans. He's Rodney's enemy.

Darleen: A yellow squirrel who lives in a tree next door to the Johnson's house. Rodney is in love with her.

Mr. Johnson: He is Andy's dad and he really hates Rodney. He pays for the damage that is caused by Andy and Rodney.

Eddie: A flying squirrel who is Rodney's cousin and has a crush on her Melissa.

Melissa: A 21 year old girl who is Eddie's love interest and friend to Rodney and Andy.  

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