Rodney and Leon
Vital statistics
Level 1000
Inhabitants 666
Leonopolis "Leon" is Rodney's squirrel buddy who lives in the tree in the Johnson family's backyard. He is more a squirrel who loves the outdoors than an indoor pet and usually tries to find nuts. Leon also enjoys running on telephone wires, playing on busy streets, and being out in the sun all day. Though he is an outdoor animal, he still has a working television in his home with cable access. His tree is continuously in danger of being knocked down, whether by Mr. J putting in the pool or by lightning storm.

Description Leon is a short,blue squirrel who is the best(squirrel)friend to Rodney.Leon lives and is adapted to the wild and has once tried to teach Rodney how to(which didn't work out).Leon has been seen collecting a giant hair ball and his memories are basically centered around nuts.He loves his home/tree and will do anything for it not to be cut down.

Section heading Nothing will never rattle Leon. When things get out of control, Rodney relies on Leon for help. In Pool for Love, Mr. J. (Mr. Johnson) wanted to cut down Leon's tree for a swimming pool. Leon also likes playing on busy streets, enjoys being in the sun all day, and likes to walk on telephone wires. He is part of the Rod Squad along with Rodney and Darlene. Leon is also very cute, he is blue. Plus his tree is the only thing he has in his life except for the ninety pounds of hair he saved but he lost in the "Swimming pool" episode. He loves his tree a lot. In the episode "Birthday Boy", Rodney asks Leon if he can have a present for Andy. Rodney turns down the offers because all Leon had was aged trash. As Rodney is leaving Leon says," If you change your mind, you're welcome to come back!". As it appears in the tree, Leon's favorite food is rotten apple cores, and nuts. Leon's voice has somewhat of a Canadian accent, except his tone is lazier and more high-pitched. Leon appears larger than Rodney, but it is unsure if he weighs more, although this is assumed. Leon also has a reddish nose. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

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