Gretcher (Kim) main antagonist work spy russia is the mother from Mary and friends from Melissa this episode "Kim Maker", is the friends-enemies from Melissa, Eddie, Bart, Terri, Bender and Bendina by her daughter ruined relationship with Lennie and Andy and Mary loves Ben because is keep, her with her friends Joanne/Terri spy russia home russia with Simpson´s Family women.

Appearances Gretcher´s Special:

Owner Pet (Regular Show) (2011-currently) 

Relative Edit

Mary (daughter), Max (ex-boyfriend), Ben (son-in-law)

Trivial Edit

  • She is a enemies from Melissa and Eddie and is the friends russia from Joanne/Terri and Bart.
  • Kim appear major role in Movie
  • Kim and Mary as friends and friends from Joanne/Terri and Jenny.
  • Kim is nice.
  • She at time by Bender with his enemies Melissa and Eddie with Bart and Terri.
  • Kim call Bender "Tin Man".
  • Kim´s named call Gretcher. 
  • Gretcher dislike Melissa.  
  • Gretcher appear to Margaret.  
  • Gretcher with her friends Joanne spy Russia.  
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