Celia Human Girls is a characters female as protagonist is a Hi Five Ghost´s girlfriend current as girls likes Hi Five Ghost as similars to Audrey is Benson´s girlfriend enter relationship woman, Celia kissed Hi Five Ghost party christmas.

Appearances Celia´s Special:

Owner Pet (Regular Show) (2011-currently)

Owner Show (Regular Show) (2016-currently)  

Appearances Edit

Major Appearances Edit

  • Every Episode Major Owner Pet

Relative Edit

Hi Five Ghost (boyfriend)

Relationship Edit

Hi Five Ghost her and him as boyfriends dating.

Trivial Edit

  • She nice.
  • Celia appear major role in Movie.
  • Celia is a girls.
  • Celia likes Five.
  • Celia voiced by Mayrall Arellano as Amanda from Camp Lazlo.
  • Celia her right back episode named Celia.
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