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Bob Johnson, usually referred to as Mr. J, is Andy's father who doesn't care much for Rodney and isn't afraid to show it. He say things like, "Andy, what did I tell you about pets touching your food?" Then Rodney will bring some comic relief like, "It's okay Mr. J. Andy's hands are clean." Mr. J. will then just walk away. He has lost in many competitions, such as cheese-log-eating contests or melon-cart racing. He has a collection of clowns in different moods. In one episode where Rodney enters a Manzio Pet Shampoo contest he says, "We all made mistakes when we were young. That's why paste is edible."

He's also shown a good amount of unhappiness about losing his hair. He misses his hair, and grows hair all over his body when Rodney made a hair growth formula, only to have it all fall out. In "Yer Out!" He coached a Little League team called "The Fighting Worms", but they didn't like him. Rodney replaced him, so he started to coach the rival team, "The Worm Crushers". News reporters made an embarrassing report on him when Rodney replaced him. He also raced in the Melon Crate Derby to get revenge on a Scottish boy who (He claimed) always cheated when he was young. He lost his voice while watching a comedy about a cow when he was supposed to give an important speech to the Badger Scouts. He made a dream lawn which Rodney, Andy, Salty Mike, and Kyle destroyed.

Voiced by Kurtwood Smith.


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