Beverange "Bev" Rodriguez is the Bender´s ex-girlfriend and Ben´s step-Mother that one them loves Bender as soda machine and her ex-friends Melissa and Eddie.

Appearances Bev´s Special:

Owner Pet (Regular Show) (2011-currently) 

Relative Edit

Mom and Dad (ex-parents-in-law), Bender (ex-boyfriend), Ben (step-son), Flexo (ex-brother-in-law), Bendina (ex-sister-in-law), Mary (step-daughter-in-law), Ex-Grandmother-in-law

Relationship Edit

Bender her and Bender as formerly ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend and after Bender killer her as monster.

Melissa and Eddie her and them as formerly ex-friends as enemy destroy to them as her monster.

Trivial Edit

  • Her soda machine.
  • Her have a step-son Ben (Bender´s son).
  • Bev loves Bender.
  • Her a monster is the ex-girlfriend from Bender.
  • Appearance Futurama and Owner Pet.
  • Bev have a step-son Ben as a alien.
  • Her loves smile with Bender.
  • Bev named as girls.
  • Bev and Bender as ex-boyfriends.
  • Bev is ex-sister-in-law from Flexo.
  • Bev and Bender as couple.
  • Bev maybe her make popular with university Cetec.
  • Bev right with Bender enter christmas.
  • Bev is a antagonist is a monster.
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