Bender is the robot male adults and boss works compute is Terri´s father and Melissa and Eddie´s friends too one members family Rodriguez his wife is Sara Rodriguez and too as boss works.

Appearances Bender´s Special:

Owner Pet (Regular Show) (2011-2016 being) 

Owner Show (Regular Show) (2016-currently)

Relatives Edit

Sara (wife), Terri (daughter), Bart (son-in-law), Penny (granddaughter)

Relationship Edit

Sara him and his wife loving marriage enter him and her.

Melissa him and her as employee and boss works computer.

Terri him and his daughter as father-daughter loving together.

Trivial Edit

  • Bender appear Major Role in Movie.
  • Bender appear to Futurama and Owner Pet.
  • Bender is the friends from Melissa and Eddie.
  • Bender break-up with Bev.
  • Bender dating with his ex-girlfriend Bev.
  • Bender is nickname as BD.
  • Bender have a wife Sara is Terri´s mother him born high school 1979 call Mr. Rodriguez.
  • Bender have a ex-girlfriend Bev and after have a wife marriage Sara Rodriguez currently.
  • Bender is best "Bite my shiny Metal Ass".
  • Bender with Bev is a couple official maybe break-up after Bender have wife marriage Sara is Terri´s mom.
  • Bender like Bart and real father from Terri Rodriguez since The Simpsons Simpsorama currently seasons.
  • Bender and his daughter Terri say likes her father.
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